Coaching Programs

Month-to-Month Coaching: Reach your fitness goals!

  • Personalized monthly fitness/training program designed around your goals
  • Regular e-mail and phone contact
  • Weekly analysis of your training files, race results, and food diary
  • One-on-one ride with the coach, including riding technique instruction
  • Basic guidance in nutrition
  • Sport-specific strength and flexibility program
  • Race day planning and strategies
$150 per month

On-site Race Support:
Don't let all your hard work go to waste. Be ready on race day!

Coach attends event, providing guidance in:

  • Pre-race Warm-up
  • Pre- and During-race Nutrition
  • Feed/Pit Zone Support
  • Logistical Support
  • Basic Mechanical Support
  • Post-race Recovery and Nutrition
Price based on event and location

Moto-centric Personal Training: Train like a pro, race like pro, finish like a pro!

To become a successful motocross or off-road racer, if takes much more than just pounding out laps at the racetrack. Are you running out of gas in the closing laps of the second moto? Does a three-hour off-road race feel like an eternity? What you do off the bike impacts what happens when you're on it. Let me take the guesswork out of training by designing a custom program that will help get results.

Your personlized program includes:

  • Monthly fitness/training program designed around your goals and race schedule.
  • Regular e-mail and phone contact
  • Weekly analysis of your training fules, race results, and food diary
  • Basic guidance in nutrition
  • Moto-strength training program
  • Introduction to cycling/mountain biking (if needed)
  • In-person meetings at the racetrack, on the trail, or on your desired training grounds
$150 per month. $200 for a Family Program up to three family members.

One-time Mountain Bike Instruction: Tips and techniques to ride like a pro!

Aside from fitness, becoming a better mountain biker depends on four basic skills: climbing, cornering, descending, and reading terrain. Get the inside line on becoming proficient in all four skills with one-on-one, small group, or family instruction. In a day's work, you'll learn the art of each or get your money back!

$150 for one-on-one instruction. $50 for each additional rider up to four riders. $250 for a Family Class up to six family members.